How to Place an Order

1. PLACE YOUR ORDER: You can place your order at home or in our store as well and have it delivered directly to us.  We recommend using and sending your order through their Free Freight program, PSST (Pack Separately Ship Together) directly to us.

2. CREATE YOUR SALES ORDER: If you place your order in the store, we will walk you through step by step to get all of the decorating instructions and order details.

If you place an order online with PPST, no problem! Simply email us a copy of your order confirmation/PO along with the decorating instructions.


3. RECEIVE AN UPDATE: Once your order is checked in and if your order happens to be incorrect, such as wrong color, size, or even damage. We email you an update and let you know what happened. We then assist you in contacting SanMar to have them send a replacement as soon as possible.


4. JOB BOX: Once your order is checked in we put everything together in a job box. This is our color coated ordering system we developed in house to keep orders together in a packet!

This is something totally unique in the embroidery world. We designed it as a way to fluidly keep track and even update your order as needed while still keeping all the information together be it on a desk or on our production floor.

5. PRODUCTION LINE: Your product is read to be placed in our production line and will be completed in 7 (seven) business days.


6. CHECKED: Before contacting our client that their order is complete, we double check the item a second time to ensure everything is exactly as ordered.

7. INVOICED AND CHARGED: After being checked over we invoice it out and charge our clients upon completion.

8. NOTIFICATION SHIPPED: The item goes to 1 of 2 locations. Either it comes to our front office where we call our clients to let them know their order is available to be picked up or it goes to our shipping department. Once in the shipping department we prepare the item to be shipped out. Once shipped we email an invoice to our clients including a tracking number.