Fulfillment Services

Beyond decorating we offer services at rates that are truly unbeatable when it comes to shipping your garments. Beyond the accuracy and speed of our shipping department they offer a variety of services that save our clients time and money.


The highlight of one of our offerings is the polybagging and ship by employee. The Embroidery Store we can poly bag and ship by employee. Mean each individual item is poly bagged, but also each box is labeled by the employee receiving them.  This saves valuable time for our clients because rather than having 100 garments delivered, sort them by employee and deliver them to the employees, we sort them ahead of time.


We sort the garments by each individual employee, poly bag them, and ship each box with an employees name. So all our clients have to do is give the box to their employee.

Tagging/Bagging Service

We take care of the individual tagging & bagging of products, so you don’t have to.


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As part of our commitment to providing industry leading service, we offer full folding and sorting services. Please contact your CSR for more information on how to add our folding and sorting service to your next order.


All orders are blind shipped to your customer.