Embroidery Digitizing, Artwork and Graphics



Customer should supply artwork via email in the form of a vector image, PDF, EPS, AI, BMP, PSD or JPG. Please provide the art at a minimum of 300 DPI. If artwork supplied requires typesetting, changes, touch ups, or does not meet our  specifications, we reserve the right to modify the artwork and charge accordingly. We will of course, provide you with a sample sew out for approval before sewing on the actual garments.

Digitizing fees start at a minimum of $40.00 or $8.00 per thousand stitches. Edits to current designs begin at $25.00.

The following are not considered desireable; photocopies, pen and/or pencil drawings, business cards, letterheads. Although we can digitize these, the quality is only as good as the material you supply us with. Please provide us with the best top quality art you can.

All artwork/DST’s are kept on file at The Embroidery Store for 2 years.

Embroidery Disks

For customer supplied disks, Tajima DST’s are accepted. Basic changes to layout can be made (i.e. delete or add a section, reorder sections and resize up to 10%). Resizing past 10% will require a new .dst file as will increasing or decrease in the thickness of specific sections.

Please note that customer supplied disks created for specific colors or fabrics may not be compatible with our products (i.e., previously done on hats may not sew well on bags). In cases such as these, a new .dst file may be needed.

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